FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 201906:35 PM IST

What we do



CSR Digest is an online platform for sustainable business in India. It offers news, views and features about what companies are doing as part of their social responsibility. The website also tracks the wider policy framework and the social welfare experience of the Indian state.


Principally, CSR Digest will be telling its readers sustainability is a new approach that builds a concern for the ecosystem into the way companies conduct business. It is about building better brands. We chronicle innovative corporate solutions that get around the capacity constraints in India’s welfare delivery.


CSR Digest also provides thought leadership on sustainable development from both the corporate and academic worlds. Other sections deal with medium and small enterprises and what multinationals are doing for sustainability globally and in other emerging markets.


Open Source Media Pvt Ltd, a cross-platform media company with interests in print, broadcast and online journalism, owns and operates CSR Digest.